Can Peru’s Virtuous Cycle of Vicuña and Alpaca be Continued?

Through partnerships with indigenous communities with vicuña habitats, Quechua Benefit hopes to revitalize the health of their grazing pastures to help with economic growth and keep this virtuous Andean cycle going.


Perched at 15,000 ft. above sea level, Picotani’s barren landscape could be one of the answers to global warming and meeting the Zero Net Emissions by 2050.


Después de una década en suspenso, un proyecto de agua para la comunidad de Picotani finalmente se está convirtiendo en una realidad.


Charitable giving is a joy when the donor knows their intent is fulfilled and their money is spent wisely. One of the most closely followed measures of a charity’s quality ranking is the percentage of money the charity spends on overhead versus how much of the donor’s money goes directly to programs for the people they serve. Any charity that holds its overhead to a maximum of 25% is considered excellent.

 Quechua Benefit’s ratio is the highest possible. Zero donated dollars go to overhead, and 100% of your donations go directly to programs. This is due to the following Board of Directors policy:

The Board of Directors has pledged to fund 100% of Quechua Benefit’s overhead. All the following will be paid for by the BOD:

  • Office expenses
  • Fundraising costs
  • Board travel
  • Administrative salaries

Also, no board members receive any compensation for their service.

“We walk with a heart that does not close in on itself, but beats to the rhythm of a journey undertaken together.”

          – Pope Francis

The following tips are also relevant when deciding which charity to favor with your generosity:

  • Make sure the charity you choose actually does the work on the ground and does not contract with third parties to deliver services.
  • Ensure the chosen charity has the capacity to utilize your money in the near future.
  • Read the fine print, even if the charity involved says they will use 100% of your money directly for programs do your homework and identify the policies that make this a reality.
  • Make sure the long term investments made in programs can be sustained and the infrastructure, staff or local sustainability of projects is built into the charities investments that they make on your behalf.

The Board of Directors believes that if you do your homework, you will find Quechua Benefit a deserving home for your generosity.