2021: A Year in Review

Thank you for your generosity to Quechua Benefit. 2021 brought many more new challenges! Your support made it possible for us to continue our mission to break the cycle of poverty.

You made it possible for us to deliver over 20,000 masks, soap, and educational brochures to fight against COVID. Now more than 65% of Peru’s population is now fully vaccinated, and life is becoming more normal. 

In the spring, our older students happily returned to their Casa Chapi houses in Arequipa.

“This year I am extremely happy, as I can return to Casa Chapi and Arequipa to receive help with my studies . . . I am truly grateful to Mr. Alejandro and Quechua Benefit for the help they gave me and my family.” – Lizbeth

Our high school seniors are excited as they approach graduation. Your gifts to our Scholarship Program this year are making it possible for our current and future students to attend college.

Because of you, our Casa Chapi primary school students continued virtual learning, and their families received monthly food boxes.

Many of the kids visited Casa Chapi’s Chivay campus in August for reading and health assessment. A great bonus was getting to see their friends! They’re looking forward to in-person learning beginning March 7, 2022.

In May, The Sister Antonia Kitchen in Ichupampa reopened to serve the poor and elderly after months of closure due to the pandemic. In addition, we were able to open a new kitchen in Yanque on August 2nd. Both communities are preparing to add Women’s and Children’s Community Centers.

The best summary of the year comes from long-time Quechua Benefit friend and supporter Ruth Mogrovejo of Latin Collection. She conducted a Handicrafts Workshop with our Casa Chapi girls.

“The girls wish to learn to do something profitable for Quechua Benefit. The idea of making scarves that could be sold filled them with joy! They are girls of great talent, perseverance, responsibility and above all gratitude for Quechua Benefit.”

Thank you for your investment that is changing the lives of women and children. With your support, we’re helping them break the cycle of poverty!

Your gift today will make a brighter 2022 for women and children in the highlands of Peru!

Alejandro Tejeda, our Peru Country Director, and the QB Peru Staff have been like Energizer bunnies during the pandemic, overcoming tremendous obstacles and never tiring in their efforts to serve Casa Chapi kids and their families. 

Alejandro delivered food and schoolbooks to Edith, Michell, and Washington’s family.

Alejandro was concerned for kids as they returned to their homes when the pandemic began. Many families struggle to have enough food during good times. When COVID hit Peru, many families in the highlands were unable to work. Thanks to your generous donations, as soon as it was possible, the Peru Staff purchased and delivered a month’s supply of food and schoolbooks to Casa Chapi families. The kids were delighted to see “Tio Alejandro,” and he loved seeing them, too.  

Claudia administered anemia tests and treatment to Casa Chapi kids.

Quarantine deadlines were extended, and Casa Chapi kids couldn’t return to the campus. So the QB Peru Staff continued to visit their homes. In July, Alejandro and QB nutritionist Claudia tested and treated kids for anemia and continued food deliveries. By August, Arequipa became the most COVID affected city in Peru. With little thought for themselves, they continued traveling to remote locations to support your Casa Chapi families.  

It’s clear that every one of your students matters to Alejandro. Janeth, whose home has no radio, TV or internet, couldn’t access virtual school. Alejandro found a way to help her. “It was beautiful to see Janeth waiting for me!”  exclaimed Alejandro, when he visited Janeth at her home.  She had received your generous provision of food and anemia treatment, but her remote location made it impossible for her to participate in Casa Chapi’s virtual learning. Alejandro spoke with her parents, and  he found a way for Janeth to continue school.  

Because of your generosity and the commitment of the QB Peru Staff to the Quechua people, your Casa Chapi kids have not only received food, schoolbooks, cellphones to help with virtual learning, and clothing, but they have also felt your love. 

Alejandro and the Staff have also been key in QB’s community mask campaigns in villages throughout the Colca Valley. Your generous gifts provided more than 17,000 people with masks, soap, and information to fight the spread of COVID. 

Thank you, Alejandro and the entire QB Peru Staff, for your dedication!

Not even the challenges of 2020 could keep you down! Your kindness to the people in the highlands of Peru provided necessities to endure the pandemic and give hope for the future! We are grateful for our fundraising partners who sponsored Give Lively and Facebook fundraisers, and a special thank you to Pamela Ray for helping us reach out to the alpaca community.


Thank you for your generosity to Quechua Benefit. 2020 has been the most challenging year on record for most of us, but you have created many bright spots along the way for people we serve in Peru.

In December of 2019, Isaac became our first Casa Chapi student to graduate from high school. Mike first met him as a small, shy 6thgrader, but now he is a confident young man who has been accepted to attend SENATI Technical Institute. Isaac, his brother Christian and twin sisters Lizbeth and Judith all have a bright future because of Casa Chapi. 

In March, Ichupampa’s Sister Antonia’s Kitchen celebrated its third anniversary. After an earthquake destroyed the original kitchen in August of 2016, you generously donated to rebuild it. Since March of 2017, loving hands have served many thousands of hot meals to needy residents.

“I am very old, but I am the happiest person about the kitchen. I don’t have to eat alone, and I can see my friends.” –A resident of Ichupampa

COVID-19 hit Peru hard in just after a new school year began in March. Our Casa Chapi kids returned to their homes. In-home quarantines and curfews continued for months. Your generous donations supplied cellphones to all the children, and Casa Chapi’s teachers were trained to provide virtual learning so your kids will keep learning.

Families were struggling to provide necessities. So, in June you provided monthly food boxes, schoolbooks, anemia treatment, and cellphones for Casa Chapi families. When Alejandro, our Peru Country Director, received permission to travel, he made deliveries and reported, “I saw our kids after two and a half months. Those days were very emotional for the kids and me. They miss Casa Chapi and their teachers.”

Since September, you have helped us reach more than 16,000 people in nine remote villages with masks, soap and educational brochures to fight the spread of COVID. They are grateful that you love them and have not forgotten them. 

We could not have done it without you! We’re looking forward to doing more in 2021 to help the Quechua people in the highlands of Peru not only survive but also to thrive.

Picotani lies on the rooftop of the world at 14,700 feet elevation. It is the home of the largest population of Vicuña in the world ranging over contiguous geography. The people shepherd alpacas and help protect the Vicuña, the once nearly extinct Camelid that produces the finest natural fiber in the world.

Thanks to you, Quechua Benefit has been visiting Picotani and its sister towns of Toma and Cambria for more than 20 years, delivering dental, medical, and anemia campaigns.

On November 12, the Quechua Benefit Peru Staff delivered 1500 masks, soap, and educational information to the residents of Picotani. People eagerly accepted your gifts to them and are grateful that someone cares about them and is helping them fight the spread of COVID.

You can donate now to reach more villages in the highlands of Peru.

Because of your generous gifts, the people of Picotani have received the supplies they need to fight COVID.

Thousands more Quechua people in remote villages need your help to fight COVID-19. You can help save a life today.

For every $4 you give, a Quechua child, woman, or man will receive a mask, soap, and the education they need to fight the spread of COVID-19.

Click here to donate today and help save a life tomorrow.

Juan and Gian Franco wear their new Casa Chapi sweatshirts and pants while they feed their animals at their home in Caylloma.

Your love is reaching your Casa Chapi students at their homes in remote villages. Peru now has among the highest Covid-19 cases per capita in the world. Nationwide quarantines and curfews are still in effect, but your generosity is delivering hope to your kids in the midst of the crisis

Our Peru Country Director has received permission to travel to Casa Chapi families, and recently he took new Casa Chapi sweatshirts and pants along with food and school supplies. Your kids feel your love through the food, school supplies, anemia treatment, and now new clothes they’ve received! Just take a look at the smiles you’ve brought to Juan, Gian Franco and Brigite.

Your generosity is making all the difference for your 150 Casa Chapi kids! You’re providing

  • Virtual schooling with iPads, cellphones and internet access

  • Anemia and parasite testing and treatment

  • Monthly food deliveries to Casa Chapi families

With your help, all your kids and their families will stay healthy.

Brigite is grateful for your love and kindness. She’s working hard on her schoolwork and helping her family take care of their animals.

Brigite enjoys math and volleyball and would like to become a teacher. Your support will help her dream come true!

Click here to donate to our Covid-19 relief fund for our Casa Chapi families. Thank you for your kindness.