The Long Road to Casa Chapi

British alpaca breeder Ken Freivokh recently published an article in the 2017 Alpaca Yearbook about his adventures on the 2016 Quechua Benefit Peru Tour. Read the article below!


Ken Freivokh and his partner Liz Windsor founded Artwork Alpacas. The herd came into being as an extension of Ken’s artistic interests which include architecture, and a design portfolio featuring superyachts, transport, industrial and residential design. Ken studied and worked in Peru for 20 years where he came to appreciate the grace and elegance of the native alpacas. When the opportunity arose he and Liz selected their own beautiful alpacas and also secured shares in top class US born herdsires to found the Artwork herd.



The September 2016 issue of Alpaca Culture featured an article on the stained glass windows at Casa Chapi’s Maranatha Chapel. Read the full article, “Local Story Reflected in Stained Glass” by Meyla Bianco Johnston, below!

Quechua Benefit engaged a designer and we came up with very traditional Anglo-style church designs. Everyone here liked the designs, but we thought it would be best if Padre Marcos, the local Parish Priest, looked them over before we engaged a glass artist.

Padre Marcos took one look and asked, “Do you think we could do the Virgin Mary in traditional Colca dress?” A light went on and we all decided to design the windows to include Colca Valley cultural icons.


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Translated and reposted from Arequipa news publication, El Pueblo:

No progress in rebuilding in the villages of Caylloma
September 15, 2016

Arequipa Congressman Apaza Ordonez regretted that to date, no progress has been made in the reconstruction of housing, infrastructure and services affected by the earthquake on August 14th in the province of Caylloma, especially in the towns of Ichupampa, Yanque and Achoma.

“A month after the tragedy, almost 90% of victims are still living precariously in tents, exposed to the cold and prone to illness, and the Central Government has not planned effective action for rehabilitation, and, above all, has not guaranteed the necessary resources, “stressed the legislator.

Also, Apaza Ordonez said he had written to the Prime Minister, Fernando Zavala, asking to be in full compliance with state emergency regulations, so that the Housing Ministry would comply with the assembly of prefabricated homes. He also warned that failure to take appropriate actions would endanger this critical period.

In that sense, the congressman asked the Prime Minister Zavala quickly take executive action. He noted that the rate at which the rehabilitation and reconstruction will most likely occur is dependent upon extending the state of emergency period, which will soon expire.

Read the original article in Spanish here:

We’ve raised over half the funds needed to build the Sister Antonia Community Kitchen in Ichupampa. Please help us reach our fundraising goal!