Your Gifts Are Fighting the Spread of COVID-19

The Arequipa region of Peru has among the highest COVID-19 death rates per capita in the world. With your help, Quechua Benefit is fighting the spread of the virus by distributing masks, soap and educational information for unreached villages. All for just $4 per person.

This project also supplies badly needed jobs for the indigenous Quechua women who are sewing the masks.

Yanque’s Mask Campaign was successful!

More than 23,000 people in 17 villages, many of them elderly, still need your help. Will you send them life-saving masks, soap and education?

Your donation can help save the lives of children, women and men in need. Each of them will receive:

  • A washable cloth mask
  • Hand soap
  • Educational poster or brochure

Click here to donate now.

Quechua Benefit has been preparing for the Spring 2020 Anemia Campaign, but it has been delayed due to the outbreak of the coronavirus in Peru. The campaign operates through schools, which have been suspended until March 30. We are monitoring the situation in Peru and will keep you informed. Your gift now provides treatment that keeps kids’ immune systems strong so they will not suffer devastating effects from the virus.

As soon as possible, anemia and parasite testing and treatment will start at Casa Chapi and move on to the communities of the Colca Valley.

Quechua Benefit’s extensive data base tracks the testing and treatment of each of the thousands of women and children throughout the region. Twice a year  campaigns reach outlying communities where medical resources and services are scarce. Patients receive services at no charge, thanks to your generosity.

Can you help us reach our goal of reducing the rate of anemia from nearly 45% in some areas to 20% by 2021? For less than $10, a woman or child receives anemia and parasite treatment. Click here to donate now.

Little ones patiently allow our staff to prick their fingers and then weigh them and measure their height.

In addition, children receive fluoride treatment, which provides a good moment to educate the children about dental hygiene as well as point out any cavities or areas of the mouth to focus on when they brush. Parents really care about this treatment. No parent wants their child’s teeth to look the way theirs do, so they want to do everything in their power to help. The engagement and interest with parents is always high for this part of examinations. 

With your help, kids will grow up healthy. Healthy kids become healthy adults who will contribute to their communities and break the cycle of poverty. Thank you for your help.

Your support is saving lives

“Health is a balance between body and mental health; it has to do with prevention, nutrition, and hygiene, and it is the responsibility of the community.”
– Quechua woman, Sibayo, Peru

Inspired by the Quechua people’s concerns, hopes, and dreams, we created a new initiative called Healthy Communities. Our recent listening tour clarified that one of the ways we can best serve these communities is by focusing on preventative medicine.

We are proud to report that we recently re-tested the children who received anemia treatment in eight towns of the Colca Valley, the cure rate was 70%.

With your generosity, we will have a massive impact on the lives of women and children. Consider that in underdeveloped countries:

  • 47% of preschool children suffer from anemia caused by parasites
  • Anemia in pregnant mothers causes premature and low birth weight babies who suffer from developmental deficiencies
  • Iron supplements during pregnancy decrease the risk of infant mortality by 40%

Our first goal is to eradicate parasitic worms and treat the anemia they cause in the most vulnerable: children, pregnant women, and nursing women. All adults will be treated for parasites to prevent reinfection in the community.

By 2020, we expect to be able to treat 48,070 Quechua people per year.

We began implementing our Healthy Communities program in September 2016. We are proud to report that we recently re-tested the children who received anemia treatment in eight towns of the Colca Valley, the cure rate was 70%. This proves that your support is healing children.