Knit 1, Purl 2: Girls’ Handicraft Workshop

In September, your Casa Chapi girls in Arequipa had a special treat! Ruth Mogrovejo of Latin Collection conducted a “Taller de Manualidades” (Handicrafts Workshop) in Arequipa where she taught them to knit and create adorable stuffed alpacas to sell!

Ruth told us, “The girls wish to learn to do something profitable for Quechua Benefit. The idea of making scarves that could be sold filled them with joy! They are girls of great talent, perseverance, responsibility and above all gratitude for Quechua Benefit.” 

Your Casa Chapi girls not only receiving first-class academic instruction at school, but they are also gaining valuable life skills at their house in Arequipa. They learn to take care of a home, and they’ve participated in the Handicrafts Workshop learning to create beautiful hand knit scarves and adorable stuffed alpacas. Girls can make warm and cozy items for themselves, and they can sell the crafts they create. 

When the girls can earn their own money, they are on their way to breaking the cycle of poverty for themselves!

Many of the girls who are now in high school have been at Casa Chapi since they were in 1st or 2nd grade. Because of you, they have the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty in their families.

See the difference you’re making! Watch “The Life You Can Save.” 

THANK YOU FOR SAVING GIRLS’ LIVES with your support of Casa Chapi! Your gift to “Education” is breaking the cycle of poverty!

Your generosity is providing a safe learning environment for your Casa Chapi secondary students in Arequipa. The girls’ and boys’ houses are full of life as students continue their virtual learning. They are able to stay connected to their teachers and have onsite help with their studies. Students enjoy being together and are learning life skills by taking care of the houses, too.

Just take a look for yourself!

Girls from grades 7-12 love being together to learn.
Teenage boys are happy to return to their home away from home to study.

Your support is making it possible for these teens who come from impoverished families to hope for a brighter future. When you become part of our Casa Chapi Family Tree of Giving, you make a difference for the next generation.




Our Casa Chapi students who continue to secondary school move to Yanahuara, a suburb of Arequipa. Quechua Benefit leases two houses–one for the girls and one for the boys–where students live while they attend private schools. 

Your generosity has made it possible for these students to achieve more than anyone in their families ever has! They will be able to graduate from high school and then move on to university of trade school. Their parents are excited to see their children gain the skills and confidence to have a better life and give back to their families and community.

Click here to meet our students and read their stories. You will see how Casa Chapi is changing the highlands of Peru one life at a time, thanks to you.

Isaac, our first high school graduate, stands with his sisters Judith and Lizbeth and friend Ronald. All of them have a promising future because of your support of Casa Chapi.