Make a Lasting Impact: Volunteer!

Quechua Benefit has been built by the goodwill of volunteers from around the world. Our first volunteers in 1996 went on dental missions, and later we added medical missions. Next, we built Casa Chapi, and finally we have evolved into an organization with the mission of Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in the highlands of Peru. We realized that empowering women, children and families required jobs and access to a broad marketplace. Hundreds of volunteers have aided our mission for the past 23 years. You can be part of the story of change in Peru. Please let us know your interests when you fill out our online volunteer application.

Today Quechua has three pillars which we believe will change people’s lives forever. We believe each dollar our donors provide and each hour that a volunteer serves must be designed to make a lasting impact. The pillars are

Casa Chapi students show volunteers how to make Christmas ornaments.

1)   Education for grades 1 through 12

2)   Preventative medicine, and

3)   Economic empowerment.

Quechua Benefit welcomes volunteers and wants to design a volunteer experience around your skills and the needs of our mission. The suggestions below are meant to illustrate what is possible in Peru where we have lasting results, as well as in North America. Our goal is for each volunteer to knows he or she made a valuable contribution that will last after they have left.

Education: The possibilities of serving the children at Casa Chapi are almost limitless. Here are just a few ideas:

1)   Teach Spanish to Quechua-speaking children so they can succeed at school in Casa Chapi.

2)   Tutor the kids in all subjects, but primarily teach them to read Spanish.

3)   A group can take the kids on field trips to places they have never been, places that are primarily available to tourists but not accessible to indigenous children. Taking a class to Condor Cross or ancient Incan ruins or maybe a local museum expands their horizons. Imagine the delight in a young child’s heart to see their first movie in an honest-to-goodness movie theater.

4)   Play, coach and try to keep up with the kid’s soccer team at Casa Chapi.

5)   Teach a computer class.

6)   Intern at Casa Chapi for a minimum of 30 days or stay for an entire school year.

7)   Assist the maintenance workers for Casa Chapi.

Not only do you create a memory for life for each child, but you can also nurture the lasting impact by becoming a pen pal with your new-found friends. You can also spread the word about your mission on social media and become an ambassador for future volunteers.

Preventative Medicine: Quechua Benefit runs multiple preventative medicine campaigns a year to further our goal of eliminating anemia in Peru. We need volunteers from the following professions to join us on our monthly missions in the highlands:

Volunteers can help with anemia treatments that enable children to succeed in school and in life


1)   Nurses

2)   Doctors

3)   Data management experts

4)   Nutritionists

5)   Family violence counselors

6)   Spanish speakers

Economic Empowerment: The truth is that a job breaks the cycle of poverty. We believe in helping communities do what they are already doing just a little better. We need people willing to get to know the local people and help them do any of the following a little better:

1)   Animal husbandry

2)   Make marketable products from their alpaca production.

3)   Market Peruvian products in North America, Australia, Europe, Britain or New Zealand.

4)   Shear, sort and classify their alpaca fleece

5)   Knit, sew, embroider, weave or felt marketable products from alpaca fleece.

6)   Build a building

Volunteers with a variety of skills can help break the cycle of poverty in Peru.

Domestic volunteers: You can volunteer for Quechua Benefit right from your home or office! Can you help in one of the following ways?

1)   Work with our staff to spread our mission across social media platforms.

2)   Hold a fundraising event in your home, fully assisted by the Quechua Benefit staff.

3)   Involve your church in supporting Casa Chapi or one of our 3 pillars.

4)   Work on our donor appreciation initiative.

5)   Involve your local AOA affiliate in a fundraiser for Quechua Benefit.

6)   Create alpaca products for sale on

Quechua Benefit can help organize your experience, but we need each mission to be organized by a volunteer team leader from your group. Our Peru missions are work-oriented, not what we call volunteer-tourism. Come prepared to make a lasting impact. Come with a plan. Come to work.

Each foreign work mission requires each volunteer to pay trip fees, airfare, food and lodging; however, long-term interns can receive room and board at one of our schools.

Please fill out our online volunteer application. After filling out the application, you can call Dale Cantwell at 303-902-4503 or Mike Safley at 503-703-6020 if you have further questions.

Together we can do more.



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