By Carrie Stanley | March 31, 2020

We’re Celebrating 3 Years of Service at the New Ichupampa Community Kitchen

 The Ichupampa Community Kitchen was destroyed in an earthquake in August of 2016, but generous Quechua Benefit supporters quickly raised the funds to rebuild it. On March 27, 2017 the new kitchen was inaugurated as the “Madre Antonia Comedor” in memory of a wonderful lady who gave herself so freely! Sister (or “Madre”) Antonia, a Maryknoll nun from New York, served hundreds of thousands of hot meals to the people of Peru for three decades until her death in 2010. The new kitchen has served over 100,000 meals a year for the last 3 years!

Today, young and old gather to eat hot meals in this new facility provided by your generosity. Residents come from morning to night to eat a hot meal prepared by loving hands. Their hearts as well as their stomachs are warm and full when they leave.

Everyone in Ichupampa sends their love and thanks to you. Sister Antonia’s legacy to care for the Quechua people continues in the Colca Valley.

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