Breed Improvement Program

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The ability to scientifically establish breeding values or expected progeny differences (EPD’s) for the selection of alpacas in Peru will greatly accelerate the improvement of highland breeding stock. The potential for positive financial impact on the families of Corani is particularly significant. Today, the average family in the region makes $457.00 per year from fiber (50%), meat (40%) and breeding stock sales (10%). Each family makes about 65% of their total income from alpacas.

Quechua Benefit has partnered with veterinarians, the Municipality of Corani and Bear Creek Mining Co. to create a science-based breed improvement project. Together, we expect that the overall income of each family will increase by 30%, primarily from the sale of improved fiber and higher quality breeding stock.

The breed improvement program in Corani is currently in its third year of operation. Quechua Benefit has begun negotiations to initiate a similar program in the Nunoa region of Peru.