Quechua Benefit is incorporated as a 501(c)3 corporation that is recognized as a tax advantage charitable organization (31-1682324) by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Quechua Benefit is also registered as a tax-free charitable association in Peru by Superintendencia National de Administration Tributaria (SUNAT). The members of the Board of Directors of Quechua Benefit are Jan Clingman, Pamela Brewster, Ian Tippets, Charles Gulotta, Dale Cantwell, Lynn Edens, Chad Colton, and Mike Safley.

Mailing address:
Quechua Benefit
11785 SW River Rd
Hillsboro, OR 97123

IRS 501(c)3: Determination Letter

Business Registration: Oregon SOS Annual Report

Non-Profit Corporation document: Quechua Benefit-Non Profit Corporation

Articles of Incorporation: Articles of Incorporation Quechua

Bylaws: Bylaws of Quechua Benefit

Board Committees and Job Descriptions: QB Jobs and Committees

Peru Organization Chart: Peru Org Chart 1-2018

US Organization Chart: US Org ChartCG2-7-2018

Year Financial Statements Tax Returns
2004 Quechua 2004 FS Quechua 2004 Tax
2005 Quechua 2005 FS Quechua 2005 Tax
2006 Quechua 2006 FS Quechua 2006 Tax
2007 Quechua 2007 FS Quechua 2007 Tax
2008 Quechua 2008 FS Quechua 2008 Tax
2009 Quechua 2009 FS Quechua 2009 Tax
2010 Quechua 2010 FS Quechua 2010 Tax
2011 Quechua 2011 FS Quechua 2011 Tax
2012 Quechua 2012 FS Quechua 2012 Tax
2013 Quechua 2013 FS Quechua 2013 Tax
2014 Quechua 2014 FS Quechua 2014 Tax
2015 Quechua 2015 FS Quechua 2015 Tax
2016 Quechua 2016 FS Quechua 2016 Tax
2017  Quechua 2017 FS Quechua 2017 Tax