Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement

Quechua Benefit’s mission is to empower the Quechua people in the highlands of Peru through educational programs, medical care, efficient farming practices, and social justice programs.

The QB Vision

Quechua Benefit is a non-denominational faith-based organization that strives for social justice in Peru by using our resources to create opportunities for growth and excellence in education, economy, and health. We partner with available institutions, entities, and infrastructure to improve the welfare of the Quechua people. We:

  • Focus our efforts on Quechua women and children
  • Provide preventative medical care for families
  • Create outstanding educational opportunities for children
  • Strive to increase economic sustainability in community projects


All Quechua Benefit decisions will be based upon these values:

  • Help women and children recognize and achieve their full potential
  • Be responsible stewards of resources
  • Respect the Quechua people and their culture
  • Collaborate with and listen to the voice of the people and their needs
  • Strive for social justice
  • Act with integrity, loyalty, and love

View our Case for Support which outlines our three pillars:

Economic Empowerment
Preventative Medicine

We also invite you to take a look our plan to implement our programs in our 2021–2025 Strategic Plan.

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