Why I Give

Giving comes from caring hearts for many different reasons. Recently a friend of Quechua Benefit shared with us why she gives. Maybe your story is like hers.

Why I Give by Clarissa

The first time I heard about Quechua Benefit’s women’s empowerment program I knew I had to become part of this amazing cause that is changing the lives of women in Peru.

As I listened I thought about what it was like for me, a young woman, to open my own business. Owning my business has been a life-changing step toward building my confidence, and not only growing me as a leader but also providing me with the opportunity to share my passion and empower other women to find their strength. I am living out my dream, and I feel on top of the world.

I was moved to tears hearing all of the amazing stories about the women and children’s lives being changed through Quechua Benefit. Hands went up in the air pledging support, with teary eyes and a racing heart, I too raised my hand, thrilled with the opportunity to offer my support to help other women step out in courage and follow their dreams.

That night, I learned that Alliyma provides a way for women in Peru to make a better lives for themselves through the fiber industry. Most women in Peru make about $7 per day while struggling to care for their children and families. Women who work at Alliyma can make $14 per day, and are better equipped to provide for their farms and families.

I’m still working hard to grow my business, and I will continue sharing with my sisters in Peru as they grow theirs too.

I give because I want to share the feelings of growth and empowerment that business has given me.

I know that Quechua Benefit will stretch my dollar to provide the biggest possible impact in the lives of woman, children and families in Peru. I commit to Quechua Benefit because I commit to the empowerment of women everywhere.

What’s your story? Email it to us at info@quechuabenefit.org or share it on our Facebook page. We’d love to hear from you.