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We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing social justice to the families living in the highlands of Southern Peru.
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Peru is a country of extremes, from the floor of the Amazon River valley to the tips of the Andes Mountains and down to the Pacific Ocean. There are 45 climatic zones, countless exotic birds, capybara that live with black jaguars and anacondas in the vast jungle, and alpacas and vicuñas that graze freely in the altiplano.

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"Thank you for we are mothers who cannot read. Build more schools like Casa Chapi. Since we live 70 km from the nearest school, I think other mothers and kids would like the opportunity."
"QB is taking aide directly to the people who need it without it being filtered through bureaucracies and a lot of money being spent for nothing. It’s very efficient and they make good use of the volunteers and the doctors."
"Quechua Benefit has been tremendous. They have helped us in improving herd health, a school and anemia treatment of the children, etc. At one time, they brought foreign doctors to attend to people without taking advantage of our situation. I am extremely grateful for their support of our community."
"Now, thanks to our friends at Quechua Benefit, women in the community are becoming empowered to provide a better life for themselves and their families. In the past, they did not let women be seen or study."
“To all the parents who are wondering if Casa Chapi will be a good fit for their kids/family situation – it’s a great opportunity for your children, and it will change their lives for the better. Have them dream and build their own path.”
Our impact

We’re Making an Impact

In the last 26 years, Quechua Benefit has partnered with 40+ Quechua communities in the Andean Highlands of Peru.

115.354 + people

who have received medical or dental care

100 + alumni and students

enrolled at Casa Chapi

100 % of donations

received directly impact our highland families

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