Quechua Benefit believes that quality education is our strongest pillar to break the cycle of poverty. Today, we have over 100+ students enrolled in grades K-12, with a handful of 1st generation college students.

Casa Chapi

Our private boarding school is located in beautiful Chivay. Our school services at-risk children who live in remote communities of the Colca Valley, who would otherwise not have access to school. We started with 40 students in 2009 and today, we have 80+ students enrolled in grades K-6.

Secondary School and Higher Education

Did you know that education beyond the 6th grade is a privilege that only 10% of kids that identify as Quechua are able to achieve? Thanks to the support of donors like you, 90%+ of our students are the 1st generation in their families to attend secondary school! Our 2 dormitories in Yanahuara and Arequipa provide living accommodations for 30+ students and access to resources while they attend school.

In 2019, we proudly cheered on as our first group of high school graduates from Casa Chapi received college acceptance letters. Today, we have 10+ Casa Chapi alumni in college.