Who We Are

Mission & Vision

Quechua Benefit’s mission is to empower the Quechua people in the highlands of Peru through educational programs, medical care, efficient farming practices, and social justice programs.

History & Impact

Don Julio Barreda asks if the alpaca breeders of the United States could help the people of Macusani, Peru. The first dental trip to Peru is organized by Mario Pedroza and Mike Safley. The team attends to 907 patients.

Our Founder’s Story

Alpacas connect many of the supporters of Quechua Benefit to the shepherds of Peru. These hard-working people care for 95% of the alpacas on Earth, and this is why Quechua Benefit co-founder Mike Safley first came to visit Peru.

Our Team

Meet our Board of Directors and our staff in Peru and the United States.

Strategic Plan

Casa Chapi has grown to be a marquee school not only in the Colca Valley, but also throughout Southern Peru. We will continue to strive for excellence at Casa Chapi and provide our students and teachers the resources necessary to reach greater heights.


Quechua Benefit is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) corporation that is recognized as a tax advantage charitable organization (EIN 31-1682324) by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).