By Carrie Stanley | March 14, 2022

Casa Chapi Wish List for 2022

Our Casa Chapi students in October 2019

Our Casa Chapi elementary students are back on the beautiful Casa Chapi campus in Chivay! After two years of remote learning, grades 1-6 resumed in-person classes on March 14! Can you help with a few supplies? 


Roof and Facility Maintenance. Revive the thatched roofs on the classrooms, dining hall, chapel, and casitas as well as provide maintenance for the grounds.

School uniforms. Your kids have grown and need new uniforms to start the school year. All students in Peru are required to wear uniforms to school.

Health check-ups and anemia testing. Almost 50% of school-age children in Peru are afflicted with anemia, but with your help that rate drops to less than 10% for Casa Chapi kids. Kids will also have eye exams and general health screening.

Sports Equipment includes soccer and volleyball uniforms, shoes, and balls. In recent interviews, parents commented that Casa Chapi’s sports program is important to their children. Active kids are healthier and happier!

Classroom supplies for each child include pencils, paper, crayons, and notebooks. Your gift goes a long way in helping kids succeed in their studies.

Library Books for each Casita where the children live. High-interest age-appropriate books help kids learn that reading can be fun, which motivates them to read more. Good reading increases school performance, so these books will be a gift that keeps on giving.

Health and Hygiene Kits for each child will help them learn how to care for their personal hygiene and keep themselves healthy.

Ready to lend a hand?

Thank you for your kindness to our kids!

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