Healthy Communities

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Quechua Benefit began in 1996 with our first dental mission in Macusani. Since our inception, we have been committed to providing free medical, dental and optical clinics throughout remote regions of Peru. Doctors and dentists from the USA travel year after year, expanding our reputation for service and generosity to more than 50 villages above 12,000 feet elevation. We continue this tradition today.

Preventative Medicine

The highlands of Peru are largely under-served by almost any measure, particularly for women and children. In addition to our medical missions, we are beginning a preventative medicine campaign with high impact services to children. This program will be implemented in the public school system and concentrate on six basic services:

  • Antiparasitic medications
  • Dental fluoride treatments
  • Testing for anemia and treatment when needed
  • Basic optical testing and eyeglasses when needed
  • Data collection and quantification to facilitate impact studies that guide our program for maximum efficacy
  • School uniforms to families who cannot afford them and often are precluded from school as a result

This program should be cost effective and scalable to include large numbers of children. The pilot program will initially focus on the Colca Valley and will serve 1,000 children. This program can also be scaled up to include significantly larger numbers of recipients when additional resources become available.