By Carrie Stanley | March 8, 2019

A New Beginning for Your Girls

Viviana will soon move to the new Yanahuara house.

We Asked, You Responded

Thank you for your quick and generous response when we asked for your help to open our second house in Yanahuara. We have raised nearly half of the $7550 needed to renovate and furnish the house.

In just a few days, 15 girls will be moving into the 8-bedroom, 8-bathroom house! The good news is there is room to grow. The girls are excited to begin a new adventure in Arequipa to continue their education.

Because of you, these girls will change the future for themselves and their families.

Watch “The Life You Can Save” to see how you can change their futures when you donate to our 2019 Casa Chapi Wish List. No longer will your girls have to be caught in the cycle of poverty that entrapped their mothers and grandmothers. Each of them can choose when they have a family, what career they will enjoy, and how they will contribute to their communities.

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