Behind the Scenes with Hitchhiker Pictures

Aaron Marcellino and Andrew Curtis are the amazing ownership team behind Hitchhiker Pictures, an award-winning full-service production company based in California with more than a decade of industry experience.

Since 2014 Aaron and Andrew have traveled to Peru a dozen times, making videos to tell Quechua Benefit’s stories. These videos have been instrumental in Quechua Benefit’s ability to raise millions of dollars in the years since they began volunteering.

A Chance to Be a Child won the Walt Ratterman Humanitarian Award at the 2016 Columbia Gorge International Film Festival and Searching for Siomera won the Legacy Award at the 2017 Angaelica Festival at Bear Lake, CA.

Other films Hitchhiker Pictures have created for Quechua Benefit include:

Casa Chapi Tour Video, 2013

The Alpaca’s Head: Don Julio Barreda’s Business Card, 2016

Macusani: The Birthplace of Quechua Benefit, 2016

The Life You Can Save, 2017

Quechua Benefit Listens: July Veterinary Listening Tour, 2017

Casa Chapi’s Story, 2018

Casa Chapi Reading Practice, 2018

Alliyma Video Series, 2019

In December, Aaron and Andrew were part of a 12-member international team that spent 15 days with Quechua Benefit filming people and Vicuna in Lima, Arequipa, and Cusco for the full-length documentary film entitled THE HEROES of the ANDES. Look for it on Netflix or National Geographic in 2022.

Their generosity and volunteer spirit are easy to understand. Aaron inherited it from his grandfather Richard Miller, who is one of Quechua Benefits most generous donors and prolific volunteers.