By Carrie Stanley | February 22, 2020

A New School Year for Casa Chapi!

Make a Wish Come True

In March, more than 100 kids in grades K-12 will begin a new school year at Casa Chapi. An increasing enrollment means an increasing need for supplies. Can you help get their year off to a good start? Here are a few items they need:

Library Books will be placed in each Casita where the children live. High-interest age-appropriate books will help our kids learn that reading can be fun, which motivates them to read more. Good reading increases school performance, so these books will be a gift that keeps on giving.

Sports Equipment includes soccer and volleyball uniforms, shoes, and balls. In recent interviews, parents commented that Casa Chapi’s sports program is important to their children. Active children are healthier.

A Kindergarten Classroom For the first time ever, half-day kindergarten will be offered at Casa Chapi. Children will have the opportunity to come to school for a half day to begin learning to read and discover the world.

Computers are a necessary part of high school education. In 2020, more than 30 students will live in our Arequipa houses and attend high school. Additional computers will enable them to complete schoolwork so they can succeed.

Will you send your love to these students with a gift to make their experience at Casa Chapi better? Which wish would you like to grant? Thank you for your kindness to our kids!

Choose from the list below to make a difference for our kids in 2020. Click here to donate.

WISH LIST for Casa Chapi

Library Books 10 $50 $500
Sports Equipment 10 $100 $1000
Kindergarten  10 $150 $1500
Computer 3 $500 $1500

Thank you for your generous hearts!

Make a Wish Come True

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