Eye, dental, and prenatal care at the Snowmass Community Health Center

Our Healthy Communities campaign provides all children in the communities with fluoride treatments and eye exams.

Their high carbohydrate diets, even for the youngest children, often result in severe periodontal disease.

We have a solution.

Through the generosity of long-time supporters of Quechua Benefit, Don and Julie Skinner, the Snowmass Community Health Center in Chivay will expand its operations to provide year-round dental care and eye exams for Colca Valley children, as well as prenatal care and ultrasounds for expectant mothers.

Our new partner, Vitamin Angels, will provide prenatal vitamins, free of charge, for thousands of women annually.

By strengthening and expanding services at the clinic, our medical staff will not only offer routine preventative care, but also have the skills to identify and guide patients who have critical healthcare needs.