By Carrie Stanley | August 26, 2020

Love Reaches from Germany to Peru

Madeleine Fortmann of Oldenburg Alpacas and Patrick Budde of Westfalen Alpacas are passionate alpaca breeders in Germany.

Madeleine and Patrick’s love for alpacas initially connected them to Quechua Benefit, and they joined the 2018 Quechua Benefit Peru Tour to attend the 2018 International Alpaca Fiesta and see some of Peru’s best alpaca farms. 

Attending the Vicuña Chaccu in Picotani was a high point of the 2018 tour. No European had ever sheared a vicuña at Picotani, and no one there knew Madeleine shears thousands of alpacas a year. They handed her the shearing machine, and she began her expert work on the vicuña. As she finished, loud clapping and laughter broke out. Madeleine was proclaimed the “fastest gringa ever” to shear a vicuña! 

The children of Casa Chapi captivated Patrick and Madeleine’s hearts, and they enjoyed playing “futball” and getting to know each other. Madeleine and Patrick are committed to Quechua Benefit’s mission to break the cycle of poverty, and they have shared that mission with their friends.

This year, Patrick and Madeleine organized a fundraiser for Quechua Benefit together with the German alpaca breeders Gisbert and Marion Henning of Simagi Alpacas, Patrick Zetzmann of Dreamworld Alpacas and Wolfgang and Babett Eckardt of Miriquidi Alpacas. They raised $9024 for Quechua Benefit.  Thank you, Madeleine and Patrick, for your generosity! 

Quechua Benefit invites you to organize a fundraiser for Quechua Benefit among your friends, too. Contact Mike at 503-703-6020 for more information.

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