By Mike Safley | September 15, 2016

Ichupampa Community Kitchen, Update 4

Help us rebuild the
Ichupampa Community Kitchen

We are grateful for each of the donations that have been made in support of the Community Kitchen in Ichupampa, Peru. So far, we have raised $35,620 toward the $70,000 needed to build a new kitchen for the people of Ichupampa.

Since the earthquake on August 15th, the town has had no running water, working public facilities, or sewer. Mayor Paricela, the Elderly Association, and the group managing the previous kitchen all identified this project as their number one priority. You can rest assured that the new building will be engineered to withstand earthquakes much stronger than the one that destroyed the old kitchen.


In the following video, meet Dr. Jose E. Mosquera, who has teamed up with Quechua Benefit on our “Healthy Communities” initiative. He was in Peru consulting and became very interested in the tragedy in Ichupampa. Dr. Mosquera is the Executive Consultant in Public Health at PASS. He brings 32 years of experience in medicine, general surgery, and the non-profit  sector of public health. He is a very welcome addition to our team, and we are grateful for his guidance and support. Here is Dr. Mosquera’s take on the earthquake:

100% of your gifts toward this project will be spent on the brick and mortar reconstruction of the community kitchen. None of the funds will be used for the general overhead of Quechua Benefit or our other social justice programs.

With your love and generosity, we will have the new Community Kitchen open by Christmas.

Thank you!



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