By Carrie Stanley | June 13, 2019

Kids Are Making Beautiful Music at Casa Chapi

Sinfonia por el Peru is changing lives through the power of music. For over six years, 7,000 children have participated in Sinfonia’s program, a social and musical education program established by world-famous Peruvian operatic tenor Juan Diego Florez. On March 1, 2019, Sinfonia began its partnership with Casa Chapi.

The results of their program are astounding for their participants:

  • Teenage pregnancy was 75% less prevalent 
  • Aspiration to pursue graduate studies grew by 29%
  • Child labor rates were reduced by 23%
  • Physical punishment in the home was reduced by 34%

Sinfonia’s program not only develops musical ability through choirs, orchestras and traditional music groups, but it also improves the self-esteem and creativity of the children it reaches. Participants have a greater tenacity to achieve goals and pursue higher education after their training with Sinfonia.


“Sinfonia por el Peru is a social program that successfully reduces violence, involvement in youth gangs, drug abuse, teenage pregnancies, school dropout rates and risk behaviors. . . By feeling appreciated and acknowledged, the children discover that they can do great things for themselves and their community.” –Juan Diego Florez

Sinfonia’s strategic partnership with Casa Chapi is an exciting addition to our excellent academic program that transforms children’s lives. Combined with the loving and safe environment Casa Chapi provides,  Sinfonia will help children discover their musical talent and allow them to bless others with beautiful music.

“Let’s sing together for a Symphony for Peru.” –Juan Diego Florez

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