The Alliyma Connection

Alliyma was created to connect the Quechua people living in the remote highlands of Peru to the international market. The high-quality alpaca goods they produce are a luxurious and valuable commodity. Some of these people live without many modern conveniences and have no way to connect to the outside world. Through Alliyma’s economic empowerment program their luxurious goods can reach the world market.

Alpaca fiber has been sheared, spun, knit, and woven in its land of origin – Peru – for millennia. Alliyma refined the existing, universally-practiced hand spinning activity for the benefit of remote highland Peruvian women. When you purchase Alliyma yarn at, you allow these women to access the global marketplace and earn a fair market wage.

In Picotani alpaca farmers live without modern conveniences, yet they produce some of the world’s most luxurious fiber.